Basic Operation

Option Settings

To view and modify option settings, tap Settings on the menu bar. Once you have finished changing settings, tap Done to store the new settings and return to the game (on iPad, just tap outside the Settings popover).

About iKlondike - shows the version of the application. Tap this option to display a usage summary or display the application credits.

Game - shows the selected solitaire game. Tap this option to display a list of solitaire games. Tap the desired game to change games.

Sounds - allows you to silence the game sounds, whether or not your device is in silent mode.

Show Score - allows you to hide the score displayed on the game background.

Show Time - allows you to hide the elapsed time of the current game.

Casino Game - scores games according to the common wagering scheme instead of iKlondike’s original point scoring (see game rules for explanation of scoring).

Turn Three - allows you to turn up one or three cards at a time (applies to games other than Golf).

Strict Rules - prevents you from playing cards on Kings in Golf. If playing with Casino scoring, strict rules also prevent undo of any move which has revealed a hidden card, and limit the number of turns through the deck.

Auto Turn Up - allows you to have iKlondike automatically turn up face-down cards when they are exposed.

Autocomplete - allows you to prevent iKlondike from automatically making the final moves in a game you have won. You may be able to achieve a better score with the right strategy of manual moves.

Background - shows the selected background for playing. Tap this option to choose from a list of six different color felt backgrounds or to select any image from your photo album. Tap the blue detail disclosure button in the Album Image option to bring up your photo album and select a background image. If the image does not fill the entire background, iKlondike will repeat it to cover the entire background.

Reverse layout - lets you deal cards from the right side of the display instead of the left.

Easy-read Cards - allows you to play using simplified card designs with larger numbers.